Who is Gilad Schalit

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Who is Gilad Schalit

26 Apr Posted by in Blog | 1 comment
Who is Gilad Schalit


Gilad Schalit

Gilad Schalit is the son of Noam Schalit and a Sergeant in the Israeli Army.  Gilad Schalit was on duty during the Gaza battle in 2006 when he was wounded by Hamas terrorist.  A Hamas leader drug Gilad’s wounded body into Gaza where he has been in captivity since then.  Israel has made several attempts to bring Galid home through exchanges of Palestinian prisoners.  The Red Cross has not been allowed to see Gilad and he was last known to be alive in 2008 when he hand wrote a letter to his parents.   This has been an outrage in Israel and in the US amongst the Jewish Community.  Hamas is a terrorist organization that is plays with the minds of people through psychological terror.  It is despicable  that our leaders have not taken a stand in this.  Our President’s want to bring terrorist leaders to our nation for peace talks but nothing is done about a young soldier protecting his country.

You can find more information about Gilad in a New York Times article.

Now Hamas has release a new cartoon featuring Gilad’s father wandering the streets of Tel Aviv looking for his son.  Please take a few minutes and watch this video. Then take action!  Send your elected officials an email asking them to aid in the release of Gilad.  Share this post with your friends and then pray for Gilad and his family.  Remember Hamas, the terrorist organization in Gaza created this video.

Please  join me on a trip to Israel and let the people know that your are standing with them!

  1. Pamela Cleveland04-30-10

    I have a son the same age as Gilad and I can not imagine the pain his mother is going through. I just pray he will be returned and she can stop counting the days he’s away.
    I think we should all start writing to our elected officials and demand something be done. Like, no more aid to Gaza until he is released. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

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