Visiting the Yosef Twito Farm

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Visiting the Yosef Twito Farm

08 Aug Posted by in Blog, Israel's Culture | Comments
Visiting the Yosef Twito Farm

Da'vid, founder of the Yosef Twito Farm welcomes us in.

In a recent blog post titled “Turning Evil into Good” Moshe Goldsmith shared his personal story about massacre of Yosef Twito.  On my recent trip we visited a farm that has been created and named the Yosef Twito Farm.  This farm has a petting area, a spot to meet and visit as well as an opportunity to make the most fabulous home made pizza’s.  My friends and I had a blast learning how to make these pizza’s and then enjoyed the fruit of our labor.  More importantly though is how this community in Israel  has decided to take a tragedy and bring hope to troubled youth.  The young kids learn to work with the animals, cook, press olive oil, fellowship and have Torah studies.  They each have responsibilities on this farm and learn how to handle and heal the wounds of life through it all.

Enjoy the video Moshe Goldsmith took of our first Pizza Adventure!

A history lesson about the Shomron Region & Itamar

Itamar is a Torah agricultural community exemplary for its organic produce and Jewish work ethic. The community of Itamar is located on a mountain reaching a height of over 800 meters, in the heartland of the Shomron on the way to the Jordan Valley, overlooking hilly Shomron panorama and agricultural fields. The yishuv was established in 1984 by a group of families from Machon Meir wishing to fulfill in deed that which they had learned about the redemption of the People of Israel. The name Itamar is biblical – the son of Aharon the High Priest. According to tradition his tomb is located in the nearby village of Awarta. The yishuv is unique in that it is covers thousands of dunams of land on the Gideonite Range with six living sites spread out along the way, each having its own singular character and style.  Itamar is located above the valley upon which Abraham Isaac and Jacob entered that land.  It is also the valley the children of Israel returned to led by Joshua after Moses gave his last message to them.

Today these hills are filled with Jewish families building homes and businesses under sometime very hard conditions and without public funding.  There are organic farms that produce the best yogurt, flour, honey, eggs and so much more!  This is an impressive sight and the people will inspire your faith and give you strength.

The Yosef Twito Farm is one example of a fine man giving back to the community!  May Hashem bless you abundantly Da’vid and thank you so much for hosting my friends this past June!  I look forward to returning with more friends.

You can help the people of Itamar by making a donation directly to the Itamar Community through Friends of Itamar.

Moshe and Leah Goldsmith are the founders of this organization.  Moshe is the volunteer Mayor of this community and is also a school teacher,  Rabbi and works with the kids at the farm also.  Leah Goldsmith organizes clothing drives, community events and family.  Please help support them this commumnity.

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