Time Out For A Personal Message

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Time Out For A Personal Message

Time Out For A Personal Message

I would like to take time out to share some things from my heart!  I hope you all will bear with me and will take the time to read and watch the videos.

As most of you know, I’m the wife of a State Senator, the mother of three beautiful daughters, a new grandmother and a woman of faith.   One summer day back in the late 80’s my life was about to begin to change.  My two oldest daughters had gone to visit my parents for a week , one day they were playing in the upstairs bedroom and the youngest fell out the window hit the deck and landed on the ground.  Shocked, her sister Brynn ran to find Grandma and told her she was dead.  I will never forget receiving that phone call.  I lived 2.5 hours away, had a house full of foster kids and I couldn’t get to my daughter.  Panic and frustration took over, then the Dr. comes on the line and he tells me it’s really a miracle.  ‘Ma’am your daughter is fine, she has only a bruise on her thigh the size of a nickel. We were expecting broken bones and internal bleeding from the fall she took but she’s fine! She is one lucky little girl’.

My beautiful daughter Karrie & Me

Later that night my mom shared the events with me.  Karrie laid unconscious when my mother found her, mom said she was limp and lifeless.  My mother scooped her up in her arms, and as she was walking into the house, Karrie began to awaken and said something to her grandma about G-D being real. My mother told me that her questions were something that this little girl wouldn’t know unless she saw.  From that day on Karrie had a hunger for G-D, she would ask my husband to read her the bible.  She drew pictures of things she saw, it was amazing.  Now, I grew up in a Norwegian family, baptized in the Lutheran Church, went to Sunday School and every night my momma insisted she prayed the Lord’s prayer when we went to bed.  Like many young kids we walk away and boy did I walk away!  I made my mistakes in life but now G-D was calling me back and He was using my daughter.  Everywhere we moved she would find a little girl who went to church. Of course we let Karrie go and yes she would invite us, but I couldn’t bring myself to go.  I guess you can say I’m a little stubborn!  In 1990 I finally surrendered, and yes my daughter was right in the middle of that!

I did the same thing my daughter did, I hungered for the Word of G-D and spent many hours and years reading what the church calls “The Old Testament”.  I won’t go into the details of my life mistakes and the hurt in my heart, but suffice it to say, that book and those words brought life to me and healing beyond what I can imagine.   It was on this journey that I came to understand G-D’s love for his chosen children of Israel, that He is the one who gave the borders of the Land, and He is the one who formed a plan to redeem a broken world.  As I read the Bible, I also learned there is truly nothing new under the sun!  Everything to do with life is written in this book. both the blessings for living a right life and curses for living a wrong life.

My Girls are grown now and very silly!

It would be this faith that would carry me through some of the toughest times of life, but it has been my decision, to do as Yeshua (Jesus) did and look to see what G-D is doing, then follow Him.   I wouldn’t be speaking out on Israel’s defense today if I didn’t believe G -D was showing me to do this.  So, why do I write this today?  Over the years I  have seen many changes happen in our world.  I used to hear my mother say, ‘boy I thought it was tough when I was a kid, but your generation has it harder’.  Now I am saying the same thing.  I have been through a couple economic downturns in my life.  As a young adult I watched my father weather through the building industry and Savings & Loan crash.  I lost a business during the economic downturn in early 2000, and this time around we lost income & savings from land deals my husband put together for a company. We have watched our friends lose homes and businesses but the one thing I haven’t lost is my hope!  You see I believe in the promises of G -D. Our nation is hurting, many have lost their hope and it’s why President Obama’s campaign message of Restoring Hope, carried him to the White House.  His is not the “hope” we need though, and as we can see people are still losing their hope. Political leaders on both sides, religious leaders and Hollywood stars are falling right and left.  Who can one trust anymore? they ask.

Recently, I saw Glenn Beck share about the possibility of losing his sight, his fear and yet the faith he will use to walk through it.  As I watched him being humbled publicly on National TV, all I could think of is how our Nation needs to humble it’s self.  We have walked with a great pride of arrogance for to long.  Yes, I believe this is the greatest country in the world, but we are losing that greatness because of our pride.  We have taken for granted our freedoms, we have invested our time and money in the things where moths and rust will eat it and we have turned our back on the greatest ally we have in the world, ISRAEL!

Standing with Israel ~ Tani Zarelli, Vice PM Shalom, Garret Hergert, Debra Martinez

If we want to protect our nation we must humble ourselves and ask Israel to teach us.  Come on, Israel is the size of New Jersey, fenced in by countries who spend their time trying to find ways to destroy them. Yet there is great freedom, prosperity and hope in this land!  During the time of incessant suicide bombings, Israel learned what to do, and there hasn’t been any more.  When was the last time you heard of an El Al airplane having trouble with possible terrorists on board?  Does Israel invest in privacy invading body scanners? No! Israel understands her enemy.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer recognized the danger of Hitler’s administration.  He tried to tell the Church of Germany what was coming, but they refused to listen.  Out of frustration he tried to leave and come to New York, but G-D wouldn’t let him.  Bonhoeffer returned to Germany and soon worked for the underground, spying on the 3rd Reich. He witnessed the people, of whom some were from the churches, working in the death camps.  In 1934 no one believed that Germany could be changed so drastically and that many of them would participate in the killing of millions of Jews and Christians.  Bonhoeffer was eventually imprisoned at Buchenwald concentration camp and ordered by Hitler to be hung.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer stood his ground, did what he could do for his country and the Jewish people.  We must begin to change our ways, the generation that is watching us will be the next leaders of this nation.  If we do not begin to take our national security serious, all the riches in the world will be for not….

This generation needs to see us be humble, yet bold for truth and standing with Israel.  Like I said earlier, I believe the promises of God so when He said to Abraham, ‘I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.  I believe Him, because I am experiencing those blessings in the midst of hard times.  Will you believe Him and join me in protecting or Nation and the Nation of Israel by getting involved?

A dear friend, supporter and someone who has been to Israel with me, sent this video below.  It was this song that compelled me to write what has been in my heart for awhile now.  It is the essence of what I believe.  Thank you for taking the time to read and learn more about my life.  What I’m  doing today, is not about or for my faith.  Instead, it is my faith in G-D that gives me the strength to keep going.

To watch Glenn Beck’s tearful moment revealing his personal struggle click here.

To learn more about Dietrich Bonhoeffer click here to see a video about him.

  1. Michelle07-21-10

    Abundant love for God, family, and Israel.
    Tani, your Heart is BIG and your words powerful, and your commitment to bring others to share the love you have for Israel is so admired.

    Blessings and Shalom to you.

  2. Debra Martinez07-21-10


    WOW!!! Thank you. God in you is amazing. Keep the river flowing, it’s cool, clear & fresh.

    Oceans of Love, Debra:) XXXOOO

  3. Debra Martinez07-21-10

    Lyrics to Where You Go I Go :

    Where You go I go
    What You say I say
    What You pray I pray
    (repeat 2x)

    Jesus only did, What He saw You do
    He would only say, What He heard You speak
    He would only move, When He felt You lead
    Following Your heart, Following Your Spirit

    How could I expect to walk without You
    When every move that Jesus made was in surrender
    I would not begin to live without You
    For You alone are worthy You are always good

    You are always good
    You are always good
    Always good
    Always good

    Though the world seems to forget
    We will not forget
    Who You are and what You’ve done for us

    You are my God
    (repeat 5x)

  4. Leah Goldsmith07-21-10

    Wow! You open up amazingly. It is truly bold. I want to meet Karrie this time. I missed her last time. She has a special soul but that’s not a surprise because the apple never falls far from the tree. This tree is full of ripe sweet abundant food.

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