Return To Israel

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Return To Israel

13 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments
Return To Israel

The last time I was in Israel  was October of 2013.  Over the last few years my tours to Israel had me returning on average every three months, so this has been a very long time for me.

As I prepared for this trip, news reports began sharing about talks with Hamas and Fatah leaders creating a unity agreement.  President Obama seemed to be okay with this.

Then we had the release of top Taliban terrorists for one of our own who seemed to have crossed over to the Taliban side.  News reports continue to flow over the airwaves and Facebook explodes with US citizens outraged.

With many preparations to complete, I put all the news in the back of my mind and focused on my upcoming trip and the private tour for a family and friends.  Much had changed in my life since my last visit.  I knew that this return would be somewhat strange.

I was first greeted at the airport by my friend Joy and we traveled to her home for coffee and treats.  What a lovely time chatting with Ariel And Joy.   Next I drove to my friend Inbal’s where I would be staying, or at least I thought I was.  It actually worked out that I would be staying at another girlfriend’s home on the other side of the fence.  Oh my goodness what a treat.  I have a bedroom suite with a private balcony.  I call this my refuge place. Liora, if you’re reading this I just want you to know how blessed I am to stay with you and I may never leave.   LOL

We ended the first night with Adriane, Inbal, Liora, and me all chatting and laughing.

Why do I share this you may ask? Very simply, most people have a very different view if Israel.  Some think it is a war torn country, some promote misinformation calling Israel an apartheid nation, others believe the mode of transportation is camels.

I wish to show you the real Israel that I have met and experienced; to see that it is much like your neighborhood and they lead normal lives like us. I also wish to help you understand what is really happening in Israel versus what the media is telling you.

I hope you will join me on a tour of Israel. Israel wants to connect with you; are you ready to connect with Israel?


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