Rebranding Israel

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Rebranding Israel

When I say, “Israel” what’s the first image that comes to mind?  If I say, “I’m going to Israel” what is your first thought?  If  I invite you to join me in Israel, what is your natural response?   If you saw images of war, thought about my safety, and said “Oh I’d love to go to Israel… someday”, but your next thought is “I want to go to Hawaii or Italy first,”  don’t feel alone.   There has been an informational war against Israel for years.  For those of you who have been to Israel with me, you have seen the truth and experienced the safety and beauty of this nation.   I have been commissioned with a project to Rebrand Israel; to help the U. S. see the real Israel, to understand her rich history and culture.

We spend millions of dollars in our businesses for marketing our message and brand and we donate millions to organizations that reach out to our communities to show the truth about Cancer, Animal Abuse, Abortion, Aids, Hunger, etc.  You’re rebranding a message when you do this. Please will you plant a seed into Convergence and help me to rebrand Israel?

Our nation changed on September 11, 2001; we must begin to learn what is coming to our land!  We cannot allow what has happened to Lebanon, Britain, and many other countries happen to our country!  Please I need your support!

I thank you in advance for taking time to watch it and considering how you might be involved.

Please help me share the truth about Israel and bless the people there.

Thank you,

Tani Zarelli