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31 May Posted by in Blog | Comments
If America was placed in an area where neighbors threatened our safety, and we had legal rights to maintain a sense of security we would use those rights!  Actually, we do this everyday!  We protect our airspace and waters from those who would enter in illegally.  Of course we have land borders that are not well guarded but we do guard them.

America has been known to call out to airplanes who have wandered into area’s they shouldn’t asking them to reveal themselves and get back on track.  They have been warned of consequences if they don’t follow the orders. Military planes are readied to escort them or if needed take them down.

If a boat with terrorist flags or an unidentified boat tried to enter into our water space, the Coast Guard would immediately board that vessel to ensure our protection.  We cannot expect anything less of Israel!


Beware of the  Media Response

Appear to look like Hamas Sails on ship. AP Photo


The media is going to be in a frenzy over this.  Reports will come out against Israel.  This is the plan of anti Israel governments and organizations.  Media agencies in America love sensationalism, because it increases ratings which in turn brings in advertisers.  Truth is seldom found!

Please keep your eye on the news direct from Israel. My website has links to the media sources on the ground, just go to to access these links.  Watch for upcoming video footage from the IDF as it becomes available.  I will be in Israel next week and will report back to you the TRUTH from the front line.  In the meantime, Israel needs your support now!  Please call your Congressman and Senator.  Demand that they publicly support Israel and denounce this Flotilla operation on behalf of Hamas.  Urge them to consider what they would have done if the shoe was on the other foot!  This administration has turned it’s back on Israel to many times.  It’s time for it to take a STAND!

Please email your leaders Today and share with your friends!

(click here to find your Congressman) (Click here for US. Senators)

Hamas Flag

Turkey’s Flag


You decide who is supporting whom!

Keep your eye on my website for more updates from Israel

Thank you

Tani Zarelli


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