It’s Been a Long Time

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It’s Been a Long Time

07 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments
It’s Been a Long Time

As I began to sit and write this blog,  my first thought was “It has been such a long time.”   Then of course the song Long Time by Boston started playing in my mind.

It really has been a long time since I have sat down to write and I truly hope that you have not forgotten about me.

Much has happened in this last year and new things are coming.   I hope that you will be encouraged and excited with me.

On August 18, 2012 my eldest daughter Brynn got married. The wedding was at my home and I had the privilege of coordinating it with her.   It was a beautiful day, and the bride and groom were blessed with a message from my dear Israeli friend Adriane, who is more like a sister to me.  Adriane met Brynn in 2011 when Brynn joined me on a trip to Israel with 17 other people.   You can read Brynn’s story by clicking here.

A short time later my father told me he was diagnosed with liver cancer and was going to start chemotherapy.  He was doing well and I had a trip to Israel scheduled so we agreed that I would go and if he took a turn for the worse I would come home.

A few days after I returned from Israel,  a short war with Gaza broke out called “Operation Pillar of Defense”.    Hamas in Gaza had been firing rockets into the southern region of Israel for some time.   It was time for Israel to respond and protect their people.

As I sat here in the States watching the news, and at the same time receiving reports from the IDF and from friends,  I realized new reporting was either very little or less than accurate.

So, I jumped on a plane and headed back to Israel where I met with people who had been impacted by the war and recorded their stories.    This was a short trip and I was back for the holidays and to be with my father.

From January to April 16, 2013 I was traveling, sometimes every week, to spend time with my dad. In his final days, my sister and I gave him 24 hour care and we were with him until he took his last breath.    My mother had died 2 years prior; he missed her so much.  Now they are together.

My father was buried with military honors and the Marine Corp and Marine Corp League led a beautiful service. Hearing the bugle and the gun salute brought chills to all who attended.

Two days after I buried my father, my daughter Karrie, gave birth to our granddaughter Elida Jude.   What a beautiful treasure she is.

In a few weeks my eldest daughter Brynn will give birth to her husband’s and her first child together.   What a blessing this is.

Israel prepared me for these last few months of life.  To go from mourning to joy, teaching me that you can be strong in times of great weakness.   I learned from them not to take a moment for granted because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Now, we begin the new journey.   I have teamed up with a great web design and marketing company, Borderless Designs.

We are unveiling the new website which will show you what Israel really looks like.    Many of the photos are taken by me personally.

This summer we will launch a new video series that will address the many misconceptions about Israel.   We will be traveling to Israel where we will take video and interviews to create these informative videos.

I hear all the time,  Tani when will you be hosting a show or speaking about Israel?   We love your passion….  Well soon you will have it.

This new website will let you stay posted on what is really happening in Israel,  what Israeli’s are thinking, and keep you informed of upcoming trips.

So while it has been a long time since I have written a blog,  I have stayed connected to Israel.


Be sure you follow me on Facebook and Twitter.   Stay connected to me and I will connect you to Israel.


Thank you for all your support.



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