Can Peace Be Achieved?

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Can Peace Be Achieved?

25 Jul Posted by in Blog | 1 comment
Can Peace Be Achieved?

Recently I was on the beach in Ramat Aviv, Israel with my dear Israeli sister Inbal.  The waves were crashing in on the shore with such force that it sounded like rolling thunder and sometimes a deep beat on a drum with a gentle brush on the cymbal.   I heard the laughter of children playing in the water as they ran from the crashing waves.  Mothers and fathers were playing with their little ones while also protecting them from being hurt.

Life was sweet, yet just 45 minutes away the people in Sderot and surrounding areas endured rocket attacks from Hamas.   The world authorities say “give the Palestinians a place of their own and then there will be peace”.

The Jewish people have left Gaza. So why rockets?   In 2012 Hamas signed a cease fire agreement and rockets are still being sent.

Three innocent young boys are on their way home from Yeshiva (religious) school one night.  One boy calls his papa to say they are on their way home.  We later learn Hamas in the West Bank have kidnapped the kids. Israel searches for their missing children and Palestinians celebrate by giving out cakes and candy.   Hamas begins sending rockets into southern Israel.

World powers have supported the Palestinian Authority and Hamas Unity agreement.   They say this will bring peace! I wonder what these world powers or the Palestinians believe the definition of Peace is?

Hitler wanted a pure race….  the Palestinian Authority and Hamas refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish State.

Let’s see,  Israel gave up the Sinai and the Jewish people were taken from their homes.   They gave up Gaza and Jewish people were again taken from their homes.  Do you think there will be peace if all the residents living on the high hilltops of Samaria are forced to leave?

Today there is an all out war.  World leaders urge Israel to use restraint.  Israel urges Palestinian Gaza residents to leave area because they will be targeting Hamas terrorists.  Hamas tells the citizens they must stay. Yet Israel is the bad guy in this war in which Hamas began with rocket attacks.

Israeli soldiers and citizens are being killed,  Gaza citizens are staying in the homes despite warning and being killed in war.   This is the saddest part of it all.

I have to believe there are mothers in Gaza who do not want this war.

I know there are Israeli’s who want it to end.

I call on Palestinian, Israeli, American, European, South African and women all over the world to begin lifting our voices to the heavens and praying for true Peace. Let the hatred and ignorance fall from our hearts.  Let love for life and fellow man reign instead.   Until hatred is purged from our hearts, peace cannot be made.   So come on women: let us rise up in a concert of prayer for love and peace.

  1. Daniel Gomes02-07-15

    I love, I want to go to Israel

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