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Israel Destroys U.S. Company: Tani Zarelli Is Accused of being a Co-Conspirator

Reported by:  BD&T News

Tom Hunter ll and Heather Larsen were found in a pool of blood, sweat, and tears in their office on Friday July 19, 2013.  Hunter and Larsen are employees of Borderless Designs, a local Vancouver, WA web design and marketing company.

Witnesses say Tani Zarelli hired Borderless Designs, which is managed by Mark Larsen, to allegedly create videos about Israel.

The creative talent team of  Hunter and Larsen was pushed too hard in this first video.

Zarelli worked with Hunter and Larsen just days earlier.  Zarelli took the creative team to other local businesses to film Zarelli grilling the business owners about their personal knowledge of Israel.

Note the look on this business owner’s face while Zarelli laughs at her answers.


Borderless Designs’ owner Mark Larsen stated, “local authorities had to bring in shovels to find the bodies of the young talent.”

Witnesses believe Israel put Zarelli up to it.

More On Tani Zarelli

An anonymous source told BD&T News that Tani Zarelli, the self-proclaimed Volunteer Advocate for Israel, really works for the Israeli Government.

Allegedly, Israel led the sabotage and death of the Borderless Designs employees.   With no more employees, Borderless Designs must be dead too.

When Zarelli was questioned, she laughed, saying Israel is blamed for everything that goes wrong in the world.

Zarelli showed her gas and food receipts to show she personally paid  to feed the talent team the day they were with her.   Zarelli says this all a joke!  Borderless Designs is really alive.  We were attempting to prove the media misrepresents the truth.

Findings: Israel and Zarelli are innocent!

Larsen, Zarelli and Israel say “Long Live Borderless Designs”……..The End

While this was simply a little joke in order to introduce the videos that Borderless Designs and myself are creating, there are some truths.  This blog shows how photos and words can be taken out of context and used to create a misconception.

We all know the media can be inaccurate at times but what I have found interesting is that most of the time, Israel and pictures of war are shown together.  This encourages misconceptions about Israel.   Our first video will show how sensationalism in the media creates the misconceptions others may have of Israel.

Yes, I have been accused of working for the Israeli Government for the purpose of spreading propaganda.  The truth is, I am simply and American woman who woke up on September 11, 2001, turned on the TV and saw planes going into the Twin Towers.   I knew our nation had changed.   Then in October 2006, I went to a conference about Israel and began to understand what happened on 9/11.  Since then I have traveled to Israel numerous times, hosting tours and helping other Americans find the truth I did and learn about our great need to take a stand for Israel.  No, I do not get paid to do what I do.

We are giving you a sneak peek of the new video series, Misconceptions of Israel. Please share it with all your friends and family. Continue to visit the Video Blogs page often to see the newest videos in this series.

  1. Joy08-05-13

    Hi Tani – I nearly platzed! Thought something terrible happened ’til I read on – what a blast and yes a very good example of how things get turned around where the truth is sometimes nowhere to be seen. You are our loving Diplomat and we thank you for all that you endeavour to do to legitimize Israel and educate the unaware.

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