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In 2006 Tani Zarelli attended a conference on American and Israeli relationships.  The conference was coordinated by a Jewish woman in the Savannah, Georgia area, and the audience was predominately Jewish.

The speakers were Knesset members, brigadier generals and media specialists from Israel who spoke about the land, the culture, and the conflict that was going on.  Tani’s eyes were opened and she questioned why she didn’t know any of this information.  After all, she lived a public life in politics and  because of her faith, one would think that she would have knowledge.  After the conference Tani felt a call to begin to educate the average American person, like herself, about Israel and what she had just learned.  Two months later, in January 2007 Tani embarked on her first trip to Israel. Going off the tourist path, meeting with the Knesset members and Generals she had just heard from and meeting PM Benjamin Netanyahu. She visited the borders of Israel, met with soldiers and everyday citizens.

Upon returning home, Tani hosted the first Convergence conference in June 2007.  Members of the Israeli Government, bomb specialists and Brigitte Gabriel came to Vancouver, Washington for the 3 day conference. PM Netanyahu spoke to the conference live from Israel.  This conference was designed to educate Americans about the need for a strong relationship between America and Israel as well as help them to understand this conflict.

A year later Tani took her first group to Israel.  Twelve amazing women went off the tourist path and visited schools and hospitals.  They met with hospital leaders and learned about the health system and charity work that most people don’t know is happening. They met Knesset members and had dinner with some of the speakers from the Convergence Conference.  In the evening they took walks in Jerusalem and experienced the vibrant life of Israel.  Because of the impact on these women Tani now regularly takes groups of people from all over to Israel, where they can experience and learn about the nation as she did.

Tani sees lives changed over and over.  Her passion is to see people connect to the Land and People of Israel, preparing them to come back and be a spokesperson for Israel.

Tani also has unique relationships where she can assist business leaders in finding new  business opportunities, bringing economic success for both the US & Israel.